fitness is part our life nowadays
The unique FITNESS project fitlady_lab will give you confidencein yourself. You will get a visible result in just 8 weeks at reasonable cost.
Everyone chooses the best option on the own
attends fitness classes
The result is slow or none at all…
goes to the gym with their friends
Improper exercise technique causes injuries…
works out alone outdoors or at home
Motivation goes down… In this case...
A specialised programme for women who want to restore their energy and shape after giving birth to a baby.

• Baby fat reduction
• Diastase repair
• Pelvic floor and inconsistency issues
• Weight loss
• Nutrition guidance is available at request.
happy life after birth
Post Natal programme
The programmes are designed according to the anatomy and physiology of the human body and specific goals of the customer by a certified coach with a relevant background (a Latvian medical university).
fitness with PT is the best solution!
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An intensive workout programme for strong people with a winning mentality. Preparation for safe outdoor activities (skiing, tennis, golf, etc.)

• High intensity fitness in format of cardio vs strength for the release of endorphines and maximal calorie burn as well as 24 h underskin body fat burning effect

• Nutrition guidance is available at request.

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strong & sonfident people
intensive training
A programme of functional fitness training for women who want to keep their body toned without build much muscle mass.

Prepare for your special occasion!
• Less weights more reps
• Perfect model look/slim fit
• Nutrition guidance is available at request.
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elegant lady
conditioning & toning body
Body modelling to match your preferences.
• Less reps, more weights
• Perfect beach body physique, juicy and rounded shapes
• Nutrition guidance is available at request.
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body relief
& rody rransformation
We11 In-The-Gym Services
One-time training session – £ 95
Training at a customer preferred place within Central London Area (1 zone)
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One-time training session – £ 65
Package of 10 training sessions – £ 500
Package of 10 training sessions – £ 800
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